Restaurant Flooring Benefits

Every restaurant owner and manager knows that having carpet flooring in your restaurant can be cumbersome for various reasons. Not only can it becomes damaged easily it tough to clean on a regular basis, requiring vacuuming and other procedures. In fact, if you don’t have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis it has the potential to become the most unsanitary object in the restaurant due to the fact that it absorbs harmful particles like a filter. The good news is that hardwood, laminate and vinyl are all great alternatives to using carpet in your restaurant.

Restaurant Flooring

Hardwood Flooring
Installing a hardwood floor in a restaurant is all about durability. Species such as hickory, hard maple and purpleheart just can’t be beat for sheer resilience and impact damage resistance. This makes them great for high traffic areas, areas where food may be spilled and where heavy object might be dropped. In addition to their legendary durability hardwood flooring is also great for setting the mood of a room. From the rustic feel of Pecan to the regal look of Red Maple you can give your restaurant an atmosphere of your choosing.  The only drawback to hardwood flooring is of course the price. This is offset by the fact that it’s incredible durability makes it an investment that will last for years or decades to come.

Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring combines some of the best features of hardwood and vinyl flooring This style of artificial flooring is comparable to the durability of some of the species of hardwood. In fact, while somewhat lacking in impact resistance it actually surpasses hardwood in the areas of scratch, stain and moisture resistance. This makes Laminate flooring another great choice for high traffic areas. You should be aware though that laminate flooring is more costly to repair than hardwood and panels may even have to be replaced if sufficiently damaged. As far as looks go laminate flooring is extremely versatile and comes in a huge variety of styles. You can get laminate flooring that mimics hardwood, stone, tile and much more. It is also of note that laminate flooring is cheaper to purchase and install though this can be offset by the repair/replacement costs in the future.

Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for many kitchens but can work in restaurants as well. While often praised for the fact that it is comfortable to walk on this may be less of an issue in a restaurant. Also keep in mind that the waxed surface of a vinyl floor is durable but much more susceptible to scuffs than laminate or hardwood. It should also be noted that like laminate flooring vinyl comes in a variety of colors, styles and themes.

The main benefits of Vinyl flooring are the fact that it is incredibly resistant to moisture. This can be great in areas where spills are frequent. Despite this it isn’t recommended that you install vinyl flooring in commercial kitchen areas as it can be highly vulnerable to other forms of damage. Overall laminate flooring is a great choice for use in areas where customers dine and/or place their orders.