dromorama.com ../link> dromorama.com Tue, 20 Aug 2013 18:22:56 +0000 en hourly 1 ../?v=3.3.1 Plumber Orange County ../2013/08/plumber-orange-county/ ../2013/08/plumber-orange-county/#comments Thu, 08 Aug 2013 19:17:11 +0000 admin ../?p=42 When you are beginning to install a floor drain on most indoor surfaces, it is vital that you slope the floor at the proper angle so that water will efficiently flow to the drain. If you fail to achieve this slope, you may find yourself faced with floods or other standing water problems. Too much slope will leave visitors feeling as if they are walking on hills and cause an unsettling sensation of a downhill or crooked space.

To start, an experienced plumber Orange County residents trust will advise you to remove the existing floor; the remaining floor should be concrete or wood. Lay a waterproof floor liner that covers the entire space so that the area will not be affected by water. Consider folding the ends of the liner upward so that water cannot divert underneath the liner itself.

Make sure you know where the drain is to be installed, whether it is by way of an existing drain or another location such as in the center of a garage or bathroom or offset in a basement or walk-in closet. Cover the floor with mesh and ensure that is fixed as close as possible to the liner without cutting or tearing the liner. Make sure you leave a hole for the drain.

Once you have the floor in place, calculate the slope to be created from the walls; an experienced plumber Orange County residents recommend will know that water runs at a downward 14 degree angle so a preferred slope may fall between one-quarter and one-eighth inch for every foot of floor. Ensure that each area of the floor has a similar slope. Attach the bottom flange of the drain to the pipe if you are installing a brand new drain. If you are replacing a drain, remove the cover.

Mix the mortar depending on the manufacturer’s directions and spread it with a hand trowel across the floor; begin at the outside edges and work inward toward the drain. Make sure the mortar is built up to the lines you marked on the walls. Smooth the surface with a trowel and allow it to dry completely before installing tile or cement to finish the look.

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Using a Tough Digital Camera In Building Construction and Renovations ../2013/06/using-a-tough-digital-camera-in-building-construction-and-renovations/ ../2013/06/using-a-tough-digital-camera-in-building-construction-and-renovations/#comments Thu, 20 Jun 2013 18:20:11 +0000 admin ../?p=45 One of the issues in renovations and new construction is seeing into tight places. A very important part of many renovations is removing walls to open up living spaces. Accidentally removing a load-bearing wall can lead to a building shift or even a collapse. Confirming load-bearing structures often relies on seeing into tight spaces where even a person’s head will not fit.

Modern digital cameras are a great help in seeing into tight spaces. However, only tough cameras are useful in this regard to hold up to bumps, dings and even exposure to water. A GoPro pole mount or a GoPro wrist mounted camera work nicely to see into tight spaces. Mounting a GoPro camera to a Quickpod pole mount makes it easy to look into HVAC ducts, sewer mains, spaces between flooring, ceiling joists and wall studs.

GoPro cameras are small making them easy to squeeze through small openings made into flooring, walls or ceilings to get a visual inspection. The durable GoPros also hold up very well when used at construction and renovation work sites. Whenever there is a need to see into a tight space before continuing work, try using a tough GoPro as an extra eye on the job.

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Refinishing Unfinished Looks ../2012/03/refinishing-unfinished-looks/ ../2012/03/refinishing-unfinished-looks/#comments Thu, 01 Mar 2012 14:21:31 +0000 admin ../?p=5 Wood flooring is one of the most popular alternatives for home and business owners.  It remains a mainstay for new construction projects as well as makeovers for existing homes.  While many people enjoy the high gloss and sheen of wood flooring that has the appearance of being newly installed at all times, others prefer the unfinished appearance.  An unfinished surface gives a home flavor and is in keeping with a rustic, rugged, or antique appearance.  Someone may want to re-create the feel of Little House on the Prairie, a cabin in the woods, or journey back to yesteryear.  There are many creative ways to make a wood floor resemble an unfinished floor.

Using reclaimed wood is one innovative approach to the aged look.  A less expensive method, wood is recycled from other projects.  If someone wants the wood to look old, they can make minimal efforts to prepare the wood before it is installed in a home.  This alternative is a wonderful way to create a unique wood with pieces of wood which may not be uniform with the grain going in various directions, and variations in shades should the homeowner choose to leave the color of the wood as is.

Distressed flooring is another common alternative.  Wood is altered by hand as craftsmen apply different methods in order to create variations in the wood that will change its appearance.  A time worn aged approach results from emphasizing the grain, applying dark stain, or changing the surface in other manners.  Wire brushed wood removes the top layer of the wood and brings a focus to the grain of the wood.  For a rough surface, the wood can be hand hewn or rough sawed.  The most customized approach applies a variety of methods such as bleaching, beating the wood, or using antique nails.

Other options include using unfinished exotic woods which have marked differences in shades with darker colors and reds that are truly noticeable.  Exotic woods tend to be heavier and more durable.  They will also create a new atmosphere in a home.  The homeowner has many directions that can be chosen for an unfinished style of wood flooring today.

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