Dining Room Cork

The dining room is an exciting place to have a blank canvas to create and a cork flooring plan.  The qualities of cork flooring; durability, beauty, and impact forgiveness, are ideal for designing in the place we eat and entertain around a table.

Durability with Impact Forgiveness Favors a Dining Zone

Dining Room FlooringThe dining room is the place where moving chairs, liquid spills and dropped china are the typical problems.  Cork presents a nearly ideal material to combat all of these.  Durability is long-proven by the decades-old installations in banks and cafeterias; yet the forgiving flex of the material has saved grandmother’s china from extinction while the spilled food is wiped up leaving no trace.  New engineered solutions have only improved upon the scuff-resistance and integrity of the tiles, making cork a workhorse for heavy traffic despite its intricate patterns.

Glowing Colors Enhance a Dining Ambiance
Like no other room, the dining area is where you will seek a soft and often candle-lit quality.  The warm and living colors of the cork, whether natural or tinted, reflect and enhance that ambiance to make the dining room a place of conversation and companionship.  The softer touch underfoot adds to the comfortable feel of a room for relaxing after the meal is through; and quiets the sounds of serving and moving chairs. 

Limitless Design
Most cork flooring comes in square tiles, although other shapes are also available.  There are choices of large or small patterns and some striking geometrics; and within each tile are subtle variations and directional elements.  Make use of these variations to create open-ended style choices and larger room designs to draw the eye.  A larger room can create a setting for a central table with a darker perimeter defining the table area and a mellower color further out.  An asymmetrical room can create focus in one end by changing pattern size or color to draw the eye to the new gathering center.  Think about the floor creations done in ceramic tile to evoke Grecian or Spanish or Caribbean mosaics and the same can be created in cork tile to add interest to a dining room floor.

Cork is an artistic and practical choice for almost any room; but the dining room is especially suited to cork’s particular features of durability, flexibility, warm natural color, and visual intricacies.  In the dining room the creative designs possible with cork are well displayed and balanced, and enjoyed daily.