Using a Tough Digital Camera In Building Construction and Renovations

One of the issues in renovations and new construction is seeing into tight places. A very important part of many renovations is removing walls to open up living spaces. Accidentally removing a load-bearing wall can lead to a building shift or even a collapse. Confirming load-bearing structures often relies on seeing into tight spaces where even a person’s head will not fit.

Modern digital cameras are a great help in seeing into tight spaces. However, only tough cameras are useful in this regard to hold up to bumps, dings and even exposure to water. A GoPro pole mount or a GoPro wrist mounted camera work nicely to see into tight spaces. Mounting a GoPro camera to a Quickpod pole mount makes it easy to look into HVAC ducts, sewer mains, spaces between flooring, ceiling joists and wall studs.

GoPro cameras are small making them easy to squeeze through small openings made into flooring, walls or ceilings to get a visual inspection. The durable GoPros also hold up very well when used at construction and renovation work sites. Whenever there is a need to see into a tight space before continuing work, try using a tough GoPro as an extra eye on the job.

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